About Us

We are a young start up from Germany, which has made it its mission to modernize the controversial topic of men's shapewear and to create more awareness for it.

Men are as vain as women and have been using shapewear for a long time. Unfortunately it still has a very negative connotation for men. But it is something quite natural that a man wants to be slimmer as well.

However, it was important to us that it is not only about concealing problem areas, but also to awaken the motivation to actively train for a better weight.

Our shirt should give you the energy to finally work on your dream weight.

Because with this shirt you see yourself in a form that you can reach in a few weeks. And that will fuel your ambition.

In the end it's all about visualization. Like top athletes who visualize a match hours in advance - you will visualize a slimmer body every day.


Leadership board

  • Chris E. | Co-Founder
  • Fredo K. | Co-Founder
  • Timo R. | Co-Founder
  • Sarah K. | Product Manager
  • Julia B. | Shop Manager
  • Lisa T. | Graphic Designer
  • Anna L. | Online Marketing Manager