"this shirt is breathable and its definitely high quality. I bought this for my husband in L/XL the fit was perfect. Its very tight and holds everything in nicely and it made him look much slimmer. I would certainly recommend this product.”

Sabrina H. (Fort Wayne, IN)

"I rarely review products, but I wanted to tell anyone who is unsure about this product that they need to try it. I am a big dude (5'10", 270). This product does not make you skinny, but it does make your clothes fit better. I have 4 button down shirts that I love but never wear because I can barely button them, and they look ridiculous. After putting on this compression tank, all 4 fit perfectly. I've seen lots of questions about which size to get. I carry my weight in my gut and my chest. I wear an XL or XXL in t-shirts, depending on the brand. I bought an XL in this, and it seems to be perfect. It is very tight and very stretchy, and it holds everything in place. It kinda makes you look like you are sucking in your gut without actually sucking in your gut, if that makes sense. Anyway, I highly recommend this for anyone looking to feel more confident in the clothes they wear.”

 Frank D. (St Louis, MO)

"We weren't sure what to expect or what size to order but after a lot of research, I decided to go with his regular size, XL. We received the package quickly and in great condition. My husband was not sure at first how to wear it and actually put it on backwards. Once it was on correctly, it looked great. He isn't a big man but neither of us are very muscular. The shirt not only looked good on him but also looked great underneath his t shirt. You couldn't even tell it was there. It made him look toned and more muscular, just as you would expect. I thought it looked very sexy. His only other comment is that it was a bit itchy. We aren't sure if that is because the product is brand new and has never been washed. We're definitely going to keep using this!”

Laura M. (Pomona, CA)

"Shout out to the hardest working piece of clothing in my closet. Aside from a super cute flannel I bought years ago that I wore a hole into, this compression shirt gets worn daily and still manages to do its job.

I recently dropped 100 pounds and while most of my body got the memo, my man b00bs didn't. I was getting tired of getting turned on by my own chest and I tried many compression shorts to no avail. I was almost going to get some Spanx until I saw this one. The price is cheap, the material is thicker and sturdier than the other ones I've purchased.”

Eric D. (Tucson, AZ)

"I've been losing a lot of weight lately (I'm down about 80 pounds from my highest, with another 40-50 to go) and the fact is I have some extra "flab" that's going to be around until my skin and the rest of my body can catch up to the change in weight. Generally I've been wearing t-shirts that are a little snug (under my other shirts) to keep it together, but I wanted something that could really hold it all well for special occasions like wearing a suit or whatever. I got this and I have to say it certainly does a great job of keeping it all in - a lot of shirts on here are listed as "compression" but they're not - this shirt has ribs in it that are made to firmly stay in place and not stretch as much. It's thick and high quality, not some thin material that's going to stretch out and not be as useful over time."

Peter K. (Arlington, GA)